Drunk Driving


Drunk driving accounts for about one-third of all fatal car accidents in the U.S. Despite decades of tragic stories, public awareness campaigns, and strict laws against driving under the influence, the sad fact remains that two-thirds of Americans are likely to be involved in an alcohol-related car accident at some point in their lives. Every driver knows the risks of drunk driving, and although nobody expects to cause an accident, those who get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol should be held to account when their negligent actions cause a crash and serious injury or death to others. In Miami, South Florida and statewide, Chase Justice Injury Attorneys holds drunk drivers accountable for the harm they have caused and helps drunk driving accident victims recover a full amount of compensation for their injuries and all the harm which has been done to them. Learn more below about drunk driving car accidents and personal injury claims, and contact Chase Justice Injury Attorneys in Miami after an injury accident caused by the negligence of a drunk driver.

Why is drunk driving so dangerous?

Intoxication affects many different aspects of the mind and body which are all critical to safe driving. Consider all of the following effects of alcohol on driving.

Alcohol impairs judgment – With a blood alcohol content as little as .02%, an individual’s judgment may be impaired. Drunk drivers may engage in unsafe passing or merging maneuvers; they may execute a turn across oncoming traffic; or they may unreasonably race to beat a traffic light that is turning red.

Alcohol diminishes concentration – Driving requires the ability to perform multiple mental tasks simultaneously, including constantly scanning the road ahead and the area around the vehicle. An intoxicated driver’s mind does not have the ability to attend to all of these tasks competently.

Alcohol dulls the senses – Driving requires physical eye-hand coordination and the use of both gross and fine motor skills. Intoxication can reduce visual acuity as much as 32% and limit the ability to notice activity in the periphery of the field of vision (tunnel vision).

Alcohol slows down reaction time – Studies have found that intoxicated drivers react about 20% more slowly than non-impaired drivers. A drunk driver often will not apply the brakes in time ahead of a traffic slowdown or take reasonable evasive maneuvers in time to avoid a crash.

Alcohol results in more severe crashes – Drunk drivers often do not apply their brakes at all before a collision, making the crash much more forceful, energetic and disastrous than if they had slowed before impact. When drunk drivers do react to traffic situations, they often overreact, causing them to lose control of the vehicle or cause a crash that otherwise could have been easily avoided.

How are negligence claims involving drunk drivers different?

A lawsuit or personal injury claim against a drunk driver proceeds similarly to a car accident claim against a sober driver, but there are important differences that require the case to be handled somewhat differently. For instance, a drunk driver may flee the scene to avoid a DUI arrest, making recovery more difficult. As an experienced Miami car accident lawyer, Brandon Chase knows how to work with police and investigators to locate hit-and-run drivers or pursue claims under the accident victim’s uninsured motorist insurance policy when the drunk driver cannot be found. Another way drunk driving car accident claims are different is that often the drunk driver is charged and prosecuted for DUI or other crimes. Facts brought out in the criminal case, including evidence of a conviction, can be helpful in proving the defendant’s liability to the accident victim in a civil claim. Finally, punitive damages may often be sought against a drunk driver, depending on the level of the driver’s blood alcohol content, the driver’s history of driving under the influence, and other factors.

Miami Personal Injury Attorney Committed to Holding Drunk Drivers Accountable for their Negligence

Drunk drivers usually face criminal charges after an injury accident, but not always. Also, they may escape conviction, plead guilty to a lesser offense, or otherwise avoid being held accountable for their actions. Pursuing a civil claim for money damages after a drunk driving car accident is not only important to help the injury victim deal with serious expenses and painful challenges after a crash; it is also an essential element of pursuing justice and upholding societal standards and expectations. Chase Justice Injury Attorneys is committed to seeking justice for car accident victims and improving safety for other members of the community.

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