Dog Bite


Dog bite laws vary state to state with Florida landing on the stricter side of the spectrum. In accordance with chapter 767, Florida Statutes, “[o]wners of dogs shall be liable for any damage done by their dogs to a person or to any animal.” The liability of the owner extends to public property, as well as private property that the victim is on lawfully (including the owner’s personal property), even including dogs with no previous history of aggressiveness. If the dog bite victim was negligent in any way and is responsible in part for the response of the dog, his or her negligence will reduce the owner’s liability accordingly.

A dog owner may avoid liability by displaying a “Bad Dog” sign on his or her property, warning visitors of a potential risk of danger due to the presence of an animal, unless the victim is under the age of six. However, if the owner was negligent (by act or omission) at the time of the dog bite, he or she remains liable, regardless of said display.

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