In many different types of situations, Florida law places a duty on an individual or business to act with due care and attention to the safety of others. When that duty is breached by failing to act reasonably in a given situation, the individual or business can be sued for negligence and held liable for the damages caused to someone who is injured by that negligence. Examples include the duty to drive carefully, the duty of a property owner to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe fashion, the duty of a pet owner to take care the animal does not attack someone, and the duty of a manufacturer to only put products on the market that have been designed and manufactured safely.

Under Florida personal injury law, a person who is injured by the negligence of another bears the burden of proving that the negligent party 1) owed a duty to the injury victim, 2) violated or breached that duty, 3) the negligent breach caused the victim’s injury, and 4) the victim suffered actual physical injury and harm that is compensable under the law. The insurance companies on the other side may fight the victim at every step of the way, claiming that the victim was not really injured very seriously or that the injury was due to some other cause, or claiming that their insured was not negligent in causing the injury. They may, in fact, allege that the victim’s own negligence caused or at least contributed to the accident. This tactic helps reduce the amount insurance companies have to pay injury victims, and in some cases, it can keep an injured plaintiff from making any recovery at all.

With experience on the defense side as well as years of experience helping injury victims in Miami, South Florida and statewide, attorney Brandon L. Chase is well-situated to handle any personal injury claim competently and professionally. Never one to shy away from a fight, Brandon Chase is always ready to go to trial when necessary. Often this approach results in a satisfactory settlement without the need to go to court, but rest assured that Brandon Chase will do what it takes to get the best results for his clients. Call the Law Offices of Brandon L. Chase in Coral Gables for help with any Miami or Florida personal injury matter, including any of the following. Click on a highlighted topic for more information.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance under Florida’s no-fault laws only goes so far in compensating a car accident victim for medical expenses and lost wages. Brandon L. Chase helps people recover full compensation after serious injuries in car, bicycle, motorcycle or truck accidents. The Law Offices of Brandon L. Chase is adept at handling a diverse range of car accident cases, including ridesharing accidents, pedestrian accidents, and accidents caused by drunk drivers or distracted driving.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for the safety of others, including customers, vendors and salespersons, delivery persons, mail carriers and utility workers, and members of the general public. Property owners and their insurance carriers may argue that an accident occurred before the property owner had a reasonable time to notice the danger and fix the hazard. They may also claim the danger was open and obvious, and that it was the victim’s own fault the accident happened. Premises liability cases are difficult to pursue successfully, but attorney Brandon L. Chase has the knowledge, skills and dedication to spend the time and resources necessary to prevail. Call on the Law Offices of Brandon L. Chase for help with any Miami premises liability matter, including slip and fall accidents or dog bites.

Product Liability

Under Florida product liability law, manufacturers can be held strictly liable for injuries that result when they put a defective product on the market. Strict liability means the manufacturer does not have to be proven negligent. The injury victim need only prove that the product was defective when it left the manufacturer’s control, and this defect caused the injury. The Law Offices of Brandon L. Chase holds product manufacturers liable under strict liability as well as negligence or breach of warranty claims. Attorney Brandon L. Chase holds manufacturers accountable for design defects, manufacturing defects, or “failure to warn” defects when product packaging and materials fail to properly instruct consumers about a product’s dangers and how to use it safely. Civil lawsuits are one of the most effective ways to get product makers to change their unsafe practices and obtain justice for children and adults harmed by product defects.

Wrongful Death

When a personal injury negligence accident results in the victim’s death, there are special considerations to take into account to help surviving family members cope and deal with an emotionally and financially distressing time. Miami wrongful death attorney Brandon Chase takes on the difficult matter of holding the responsible party accountable for funeral and burial expenses, lost income and the value of lost services, as well as the mental pain and suffering experienced by a bereaved spouse, parents or children of the deceased. Justice demands taking this important step after a death caused by another’s negligence or wrongful conduct.

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