Shore Excursion


In order to incorporate more activity into cruise vacations, people are more often than ever participating in shore excursions being offered by cruise lines. These shore excursions may include low-key events, such as tours, but may also involve more adrenaline-packed activities like rock-climbing and ziplining.

These shore excursions present unanticipated risks for participants, which is why cruise lines will attempt to waive liability in relation to any accidents that may occur. Regardless of the known risks to passengers from participating in these excursions, cruise lines maintain a reasonable duty of care to ensure their safety.

In order to protect yourself on shore excursions:

Read the fine print on all documents the cruise line asks you to sign;
Listen carefully to activity safety precautions;
Know your personal limits;
Monitor weather and water conditions; and
Speak up if you notice a possible issue with safety equipment.
If you are injured in a shore excursion accident due to the negligence of a cruise line, first, immediately seek the assistance of appropriate personnel. It is critical to document all details of the event leading to your injury, including photographs (if applicable), eyewitness encounters, your recollection of the event, and information regarding your immediate symptoms. Once a report is filed, maintain a copy of the document and all medical reports if a physician is seen. If there are any eyewitnesses to your accident or incident, obtain all current contact information in anticipation of a legal claim, as additional statements may be necessary.

If you or someone you know has been injured on a shore excursion, contact Chase Justice injury Attorneys to discuss legal representation for your potential claims.